2011 Girl Scout Cookie Flavors

2011 girl scout cookie flavors

Lender's "blueberry flavored" bagels

Lender's "blueberry flavored" bagels

Strange but true: The "blueberry" in Lender's Blueberry Bagels is "blueberry flavored bits" (AKA, blue dyed apple bits).

iPhone 4

Flavor 33 - Bat for Lashes

Flavor 33 - Bat for Lashes

Flavor n°33 (mai/juin 2009)
couverture avec Bat for Lashes
photo : Gilad Sasporta
stylisme : Annabelle Jouot

2011 girl scout cookie flavors

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girl scout cookies types 2011

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Apple Cookies Recipe - How Do You Cook A Brisket

Apple Cookies Recipe

apple cookies recipe

Apple Cookies

Apple Cookies

They're like muffins in cookie form. Really moist and tender.

Apple Cookies
? cup brown sugar
? cup canola oil
1 egg
1 cup unsweetened apple sauce
1 apple, peeled and grated
1 ? cup + 2 tbsp flour
? tbsp baking powder
? tsp cinnamon
? tsp grated nutmeg
? tsp salt
? cup raisins

In a large bowl, mix together brown sugar, oil, egg, apple sauce and grated apple. In a smaller bowl mix together remaining ingredients. Add to wet ingredients and mix well.

Drop dough by tablespoonfuls onto parchment paper lined baking sheet. Bake about 15 to 20 minutes in 400°F preheated oven.

Makes about 20 cookies.

Apple Spice Cookies

Apple Spice Cookies

New recipe...using diced apples. They're very moist. Olivia frosted these cookies with a powerdered sugar frosting flavored with Wakins vanilla.

I've been baking new things every week since starting with the 52 Weeks of Baking swap on Swap-Bot in April.

Although the swaps aren't occuring any longer, I've continued on so I can complete a cookbook I'm making for each of the girls. In it, it will have all the recipes and pictures of items we've made over the past year.

apple cookies recipe

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Cinnamon cookies recipe : Homemade shortbread cookie recipe.

Cinnamon Cookies Recipe

cinnamon cookies recipe

spice cookies!

spice cookies!

my grandma mailed me a recipe for these cookies, they are OH SO DELICIOUS!!

Spice Cookies

2 cups flour
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp cloves
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup butter or margarine
1/4 cup shortening
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup molasses
1 egg
3/4 cup granulated sugar
granulated sugar to roll dough balls

1. Beat butter, shortening 3/4 cup granulated sugar, brown sugar at medium high speed until fluffy

2. Beat in molasses and egg

3. Combine flour, cinnamon, ginger, baking soda, nutmeg, cloves and salt.

4. At low speed, gradually add dry ingredients to first mix.

5. Refrigerate 30 minutes

6. Roll into small balls (tsp size). Roll in granulated sugar.

7. Spray pans or use teflon or grease pans

8. Place 3 apart. Flatten with fingers or glass bottom.

9. Bake @ 350. Recipe says 16 - 17 minutes, but that is too long.

Biscoitos de canela / Cinnamon cookies

Biscoitos de canela / Cinnamon cookies


350 g de farinha
150 g de acucar amarelo
1 colher de sopa de canela
100 g de margarina
2 ovos

Pre-aqueca o forno.

Misture a farinha com o acucar e a canela. Junte a margarina cortada de pedacos e trabalhe os ingredientes com as pontas dos dedos ate obter uma especie de areia grossa.

Adicione os ovos e amasse ate todos os ingredientes ficarem ligados.

Tenda a massa e corte os biscoitos no formato que quiser.

Dispor os biscoitos sobre um tabuleiro polvilhado com farinha e levar ao forno a cozer.


350 g flour
150 g golden sugar
1 tablespoon of cinnamon
100 g margarine
2 eggs

Pre-heat the oven.

Mix the flour with the sugar and the cinnamon. Add the margarine cut into small pieces and use the tips of your fingers to work this mixture until you have a sort of coarse sand.

Add the eggs and mix well.

Shape the cookies any way you want and bake until ready.

cinnamon cookies recipe

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Cookbook printing : Diet cookies on tv : Cookies xbox360 game burner download.

Cookbook Printing

cookbook printing

Vintage Cookbook 700 Midwestern Heartland Recipes Junior League Hardcover

Vintage Cookbook 700 Midwestern Heartland Recipes Junior League Hardcover

Junior League cookbooks have been recognized as the finest collections of regional recipes anywhere. This is an out-of-print cookbook featuring recipes from the Midwest.

This cookbook features "The Best Recipes from the Junior Leagues of America’s Heartland, including specialties from Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Kansas and Wisconsin. Many generations of Midwestern flavors, cultures and cuisines are represented, including German, Irish, Polish, Hungarian, or Scandinavian in origin. All capture the simplicity, variety and basic goodness that distinguish Midwestern cooking.”

Details ...
Hardcover with 622 pages and 700 family recipes. Published in 1978. The pages are illustrated with pretty black & white line drawings. It's the perfect size for your bookcase, too--9" x 6" x 2.2".

notes from "martha meade's scrapbook"

notes from "martha meade's scrapbook"

a fantastic old cookbook, printed in 1935, called "modern meal maker: 1115 menus - 744 recipes" i got for my mom. it is spiral bound on the top and it is divided in months. for each, it has these wonderful quotes for each of them. i would love to make a calender out of these. as the months go by, i will take a picture for the corresponding month.

cookbook printing

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Cooker Main Dishes. How To Cook Smoked Pork Chops

Cooker Main Dishes

cooker main dishes

Beans (Recipe)

Beans (Recipe)

Dedico aos brasileiros morando fora... Na panela de ferro...
Sem falsa modestia, meu feijao normalmente e muito bom.

Requires a preassure cooker pan

1kg of brown beans any kind you prefer
Spring onions
Dry calabrese sausage

Open the beans and remove the bad ones from the good. Wash them in running water and then put it on the preassure cooker with more 3 parts of water. (3x water, 1x beans). For a whole kg, it takes 35-40min of preassure (after the pan starts to make noise), for 0,5kg make it 25min. Wait until there is no more preassure in the preassure cooker before you open it.

In a frying pan (thanks tablumen), sautee 1 big onion, 5-6 garlic cloves (for 1kg), 4-5 spring onnions and add the dry calabrese sausage. Add salt and pepper to meet your taste.

Open the preassure cooker and add the sautee, bring it back to the heat without the lead, and boil it until the stock thikens. There is no need to add flour to make the stock to thicken, have patience.

Serve it with white rice.




I keep a spare pot for each of my crockpots, so I can prepare foods ahead of time, and drop a new, room temperature pot into the hot cooker as soon as the main dish is finished.

cooker main dishes

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